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We Legal, APC is an experienced law firm that assists in several areas of law serving the city of Corona, Ca. People and local business all over Southern California rely on attorney Emilia McAfee for tax counsel, bankruptcy representation and estate planning. Whether you have a legal concern or require counsel and assistance concerning tax, civil litigation, bankruptcy or estates, it is essential to seek advice from an attorney in Corona you can trust.


For a free consultation regarding your tax matter, bankruptcy issue or estate plan, contact our Corona lawyer, Emilia McAfee, at 1-951-268-1355.

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Our Corona Bankruptcy Attorney Will Get Your Life Back on Track

With the economy in its current state, hearing that people are struggling with debt is, sadly, not as uncommon as one would like to hear. Too many people find themselves slipping further and further down the slippery slope, caught between the fast paced world that we live in and the simultaneous culture of plastic money and wanting more. Credit card companies are of no help either, as at the end of the day they are only concerned with making a profit, not helping you get your feet back underneath you to successfully move forward with your life.

Our Corona Tax Attorney Will Defend You Against the IRS

The biggest mistake anyone can make is to underestimate the seriousness of a criminal tax, tax evasion, false return, criminal failure to file or pay, or tax fraud matter. The IRS regularly obtains convictions in over 85% of their criminal tax cases.

Under no circumstances should you speak with an IRS criminal division Special Agent. All statements made by you to a Special Agent will be used against you in any subsequent court trial. By recognizing early on that you have a potential criminal tax problem, I will have the best chance of arriving at a successful resolution.

Our Corona Estate Planning Attorney Offers Peace of Mind

At We Legal, APC, we will help you get your estate in order to give you peace of mind, knowing that your property will be distributed exactly as you desire.

Our Corona Immigration Attorney Protects your Family

Keeping the family together is a priority for many of those undergoing the U.S. immigration process. Attorneys at We Legal, APC understand this, and we work with you and your employer, when applicable, to look out for your dependents.


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