It’s rare that you will find a high quality bankruptcy listing pricing on their website. Why? Because everyone’s situation is unique and while many attorneys have a standard price for typical cases, each client deserves an individual price quotation for their individual case.

Usually you can expect either fixed fee price for your bankruptcy or an hourly rate. Most Corona Bankruptcy attorneys charge a fixed fee for routine Chapter 7 cases. Don’t expect to just be able to call an attorney’s office, though, and ask “how much do you charge for a chapter 7 bankruptcy?” Like visiting the doctor, an attorney wants to review your particular financial situation, determine if your case fits within his or her definition of a “routine” case, decide whether he or she would like you for a client, and then tell you the fee for the representation. Yes, you can and should certainly consult more than one attorney, find out what each costs, and consider cost in making a decision about representation.

For Chapter 13 cases, the bankruptcy court generally must approve fees charged by attorneys in active cases. Our local Corona bankruptcy courts have set certain pre-approved fee amounts for Chapter 13 cases, and most attorneys charge the pre-approved amount. Some, however, charge an hourly rate and seek approval from the Court for their fees from time to time during the case.

In all bankruptcy cases, the Court charges a filing fee and debtors must also pay for two required classes: a pre-bankruptcy credit counseling session and a post-filing financial management course.

Cheapest Bankruptcy Lawyer in Corona

Should you hire a Corona bankruptcy attorney by calling around all their offices until you can find the cheapest attorney in town? Let’s hope not. Just like any professional, lawyers vary in quality and cost. Generally, like with all things and services, you get what you pay for.

The lowest cost oil change in town you can find on just about every major intersection in town. But let’s face it, an oil change is not difficult. Your car will get one every 3,000 to 5,000 miles or so. The parts and the oil are all standard. The quality mechanics who perform them handle them day in and day out, all day long, and are perfectly qualified to do that service. Usually you can drive up, no appointment, get your oil change, and be gone within 20 minutes. And, it would be foolish to pay double or triple the standard price somewhere else in most cases.

But, don’t you worry that when the mechanic says you need a new filter, or flush, or some other service, that perhaps you are just being sold something to make a profit for the mechanic? Bankruptcy cases are not like oil changes. This is a once in a lifetime experience. Your financial livelihood is at stake. Isn’t it far more important that you find the right attorney?

– Someone who will give your case and you the attention you deserve and need;
– Someone with years and years of experience;
– Someone who will help you analyze your entire financial situation and all the options, including non-bankruptcy options, to help you decide what is best for you;
– Someone who will fight on your behalf against the creditors and collectors;
– Someone who will help you get back on track to financial success?

Do you really want the cheapest attorney? Or do you want the best attorney at a fair price. 
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