At Will Employment

At Will Employment Of California

Corona At Will Employment

In California, we are presumed to be at-will employees. This means that unless you have an employment agreement for a specified period of time (like professional athletes or executives), your employer can terminate your employment at any time with or without reason. The exception to this is the employer cannot terminate you for a discriminatory reason or motive. For example, the employer can terminate you because you wore a blue shirt to work. However, employer cannot terminate you because you are a woman. The California Fair Employment and Housing Act established certain categories to prevent discrimination in employment. Some of the protected classes are sex, gender, age, race, national origin, ancestry, religion, disability, and marital status. It is also illegal for the employer to retaliate against you for opposing its discriminatory employment practices. For example, if an employer told you to fire an employee because she is pregnant, and you get terminated for refusing to fire an employee just because she is pregnant, you could have a claim for retaliation against the employer. Contact WE Legal APC to discuss your rights TODAY!

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