Lender Civil Litigation


It’s no secret that everyday citizens often fall victim to the predatory practices of lenders. Some institutions fell into the habit of handing out loans that recipients couldn’t possibly keep, or engaging in shady practices that suddenly left indebted families falling without a safety net. We Legal APC is dedicated to defending the rights of clients in and around Los Angeles, Riverside and San Bernardino against the unscrupulous actions of others.

There are many reasons for an individual to sue his or her lender. Common claims include fraud, deceit, misrepresentation or a violation of the Truth in Lending Act. Whenever a person or family can honestly claim to have been damaged by illegal or unethical behavior on the part of a lender, a favorable court ruling could result in the forgiveness of existing debt or even financial restitution. The more likely outcome, however, is that the lender will agree to re-enter negotiations rather than waste time and money in litigation and making a case in front of a judge.

The only way to learn whether or not this solution applies to your unique circumstances is to contact an attorney and begin consulting on the lending agreement that went sour. If there’s anything to work with, that lawyer can then move on to the next step of commencing litigation and beginning negotiations with the company. There’s no need to take the dictates of lenders lying down when a legal counselor is available to give a helping hand.

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