Orange County Bankruptcy Lawyer


The Scope Of Our Practice

Our highly experienced bankruptcy lawyer represent individuals in all bankruptcy matters, such as:

– Bankruptcy Chapter 7
– Bankruptcy Chapter 11
– Bankruptcy Chapter 13

We are based in Corona, however, our practice extends into Orange County and throughout Southern California. If you need help getting creditors off your back and return to a normal life in Orange County, contact our bankruptcy lawyer for the best legal defense and representation.

We Work For You

Our skilled lawyers will vigorously defend you in bankruptcy court and clear you of all debt. We know the law and we will pursue a defense that will give you the best chance of getting a positive resolution for your case. We will face the creditors on your behalf and provide you with sound legal advice.

Before You Hire Us

When you are in financial trouble, it is natural to feel a sense of panic and despair. We will sit down with you for a free consultation to help you understand your options. You are under no obligation to hire us, but if you do, we will develop a comprehensive strategy for your defense.

Our Goal

We pride ourselves on our client focused approach, and providing practical legal solutions and advice. We strongly believe in your legal rights and helping you understand the steps you will be facing. If you need help filing bankruptcy in Orange County, Ca please contact We Legal, APC lawyers at (877) 674-1021 to discuss your financial situation.

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