As a client, you should be aware that if a payment was made within just a few weeks or months before an insurance company goes bankrupt, you are still entitled to a refund. In such a case, it’s best to be assisted by a bankruptcy lawyer. Riverside is full of outstanding ones and you should take advantage of what it has. Having gotten involved with a firm that’s about to be out of business can affect you. However, just because the group you chose to purchase a policy from is going down doesn’t mean that you’re in for a similar fate. To protect yourself financially, here are some tips.

  • Cooperate with a legal counsel.

It’s suggested to turn to a bankruptcy attorney. Riverside has tons of individuals who have excelled in the field and if you’re aiming for the best outcomes, heed an advice of one. Present him with evidence of how much you already deposited and when. Granted that he’s experienced, he is able to assist you accordingly and help you process all transactions involving financial records and necessary certifications. Allow him to think of what the proper actions to take are and try to follow. Insurance companies are smart. To avoid getting into further complications, appoint a professional who is will let your situation prevail.

  • Have a plan.

It’s not your fault if you were unable to see that a particular insurance company is losing touch. Mostly, groups refuse to show signs that they’re heading into bankruptcy. To prevent having more finances than necessary taken away from you, come up with a strategy. Gather all your documents and arrange a meeting with the legal counsel you appointed. Together, you need to have matters sorted out. If you just act randomly, chances are, you won’t be mindful of the expenses you’re making. Instead of being able to get a refund for an insurance plan, you may end up spending even more.

Should the insurance company you’ve bought your plan under file for bankruptcy at a period you consider untimely, be informed that you are eligible to get the payments you have made back. Just remember to sort out all the receipts and be ready with proof that you have, in fact, paid during the claimed date. Otherwise, you may be subjected to complaints of having engaged in fraudulent acts. Talk to your Riverside foreclosure defense attorney and let him come up with a way for you to receive what is rightfully yours.

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