Stop Or Postpone Foreclosure

Stop Foreclosure

Stop Or Postpone Foreclosure In Corona

California has the highest amount of new foreclosures in the country, but missing a few payments does not have to cost families their entire house. Given the sheer number of foreclosures seen in past years, banks are skittish about financial setbacks and will not hesitate to send a notice. They are, however, not interested in the tedious and likely unprofitable business of selling or owning houses. Most lenders would much rather stop or postpone foreclosure and resume payment, even with a delay.

If you to save your houses, however, you must work quickly to assure the bank that they are trustworthy enough to be forgiven for any lapses. The moment that letter arrives, a dedicated individual should be on the phone and discussing strategy with his or her lawyer. There are several ways to stop or postpone foreclosure in California, and a legal professional will know which is best for any one situation. Declaring bankruptcy, for example, will often stop foreclosure proceedings at the cost of the claimant’s credit. It is less damaging to take the bank to court to plead extenuating circumstances, if they exist.

Often, such aggressive tactics are not needed. A lawyer’s first course of action is generally to open up communication with the lender and attempt to negotiate. With the right assistance, even the worst budgetary stumble can be forgiven and any home can stay with its owner and payment resumed.

If you would like more information, or would like to discuss your situation with a Corona Foreclosure Defense attorney, please contact WE Legal, APC.

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